Growing up in North Carolina, Boughton emerged herself in artistic culture after initially studying under her grandfather, a talented watercolorist. She realized she had a passion for visual art and pursued a further education at the University of Alabama. Here she majored in graphic design and focused in studio art, and was later featured in a number of exhibits at the university. She moved to Jackson Hole, WY after graduating in 2008 and was introduced to a whole new range of life, one that she decided to capture through her artwork. Her love for the wild animals of west was a huge inspiration for the work she has done in the past years.

The images that Boughton paints are meant to be statement pieces. A bold, bright, adaptation of a single subject. The theme of her work stays relatively in the realm of her life in the west and her travels throughout the world.  Her style can best be described as modern western portraiture with a pixelated twist, an influence stemming from her work in, and studies of, graphic design. Her use of negative space and shadow blocking is done specifically to emphasize the subject matter. The medium is mainly acrylic portrayed on wooden canvas, finished with a poured epoxy resin.