I save bison hides from being discarded and forgotten.  The bison’s beautiful fibers and furs continue to tell their stories; and the bison live on through my designs.

Jennifer Olsson designs knitwear and clothing with the Montana lifestyle in mind.  “Montana and the West has a rich tradition in fashion. Native Americans and Europeans used natural fibers and skins to dress, each unique to their needs, born from necessity to ward off the cold or the heat.  Furs, skins, and fibers were not only practical solutions to clothing for the elements, they were decorative on their own, and in time, augmented with quillwork, beadwork, shells, and other natural finery, practicality, identity and beauty melded.  I began working with bison hides over 15 year ago with the idea to create a modern version of western style using the old ways.  My company, Montana Bison Fashion & Furs began with the first bison hide I picked up.  My work is wearable art. When women wear one of my capes or my coats, I want someone to walk up to them and say, “Oh, I love that!”  I want the wearer and the person who views it to be inspired.  Complimenting and flattering one another crates a good vibe, If I’ve made you happy and warm, I’ve done my job.

Jennifer Olsson is a third generation Montanan. A fly-fishing guide and outfitter since 1985,  author, photographer, and fiber artist, Jennifer spends summers in Sweden, in her Big Sky Studio, with her husband, Lars-Ake, a riverkeeper on Idsjöströmmen, the first catch-and-release managed fishery in Scandinavia.

Jennifer Olsson Headshot cropped