Jennifer Pulchinski was born in Wisconsin, 1977. Her professional education started with business and psychology in Wisconsin. In 2001 she moved to Bozeman Montana where she continued her studies in education, finishing with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and was awarded the Bronze Pencil in 2008 from Montana State University. Pulchinski still resides in Bozeman drawing her people and sculpting with barbed wire.

There I was, standing in a field. It was a hot day, not a cloud in the sky. I was surrounded in blue, the sky was endless. 

I was on a mission, I needed to make something, anything. Seeking and searching for an idea. I had the creativity, that feeling in my body that makes me move, makes me feel and makes me want to translate it into something. I had the fuel, I was just missing something.

As I continued to walk I started to pay attention to how nice the soft wind felt on such a hot summer day. I hear a light rustle in the field from the tall grasses moving. I thought, wow, not so much blue anymore but yellow! I was surrounded by all shades of yellow. The movement from the wind thru the grasses absolutely caught my attention. As I looked down, I saw it! A huge pile of discarded, used, and rusting barbed wire. At that moment, I had it!

The wind, the flow, the softness, that feeling. I can make that I thought, and I will use barbed wire. 10 years later from that walk in that field, I am still twisting the barbed wire and I am still taking that walk for inspiration and I am still thinking, I will sculpt wind.