Marléne Nilsén Lavenlay



Marléne Nilsén born and raised in northern Sweden, is a dreamer & light catcher. Nilsén takes inspiration from nature and its beauty. Whether out in the woods, on a mountain or by a lake, she is reminded of being part of something bigger. Far away from the high pace, crowded lines and all the noise in the world, she can be in the now, embracing every moment with a warm heart and open mind.

Nilsén’s passions are photography and the people she meets along the way. Her work tells a timeless tale of the strong, the feminine, the power of a changing landscape and the strength of a woman. Sharing the sense of awe found when one is engulfed by the landscapes with a sense of freedom and respect for life. Without nature we are nothing. Without us nature is still everything.

“Wherever someone is speaking, the fairytale lives.”

Marléne graduated from the Östersund Art School in 2009 Sweden.  Her work has been shown at the Mono, Tängtorpet, Åre/Östersund Airport  and Byhuset, galleries, and a permanent installation at Hotel Älgen.  She has photographed for the Härnö Gin Campaign, the Jeth Wear Company, Landsbyggare Company and Montana Bison Fashion & Furs. In addition to gallery and commercial work, Marléne is a much sought after wedding and portrait photographer.

Marléne Nilsén bio pic