A native Californian, Pamela Schiffer lives in Livingston Montana. She studied painting and ceramics at UCSB, earning her B.A. in 1982. Her work focuses on detailed portrayals of the landscape, working in oils and watercolors. In 2008 and 2009 she collaborated on a series of original lithographs with master printer Geoffrey Harvey at Sunlight Graphics in Livingston, MT. She spent a month as an artist-in-residence at the Ucross Foundation in northern Wyoming, in winter 2008. She received an Independent Artist Program award from the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission and the Arts Fund in 1993. Her work has been exhibited at the Craig Krull Gallery, the Easton Gallery, the Ucross Foundation, the Kristin Wigley-Fleming Art Gallery at Luther College, the Channing Peake Gallery, the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, the University  Art Museum in Santa Barbara, the Westmont College Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, and the Ventura County Museum of History & Art. Her work is included in the Easton Gallery publications “Gardens of Santa Barbara”, “The Santa Clara Valley of Ventura County” and “The Easton Gallery: Fifteen Year Anniversary, 1990-2005”. She is also included in “The Book of Santa Barbara” by Macduff Everton.

“My paintings continue to study the landscape, as defined by light. Some are subtle, reflective and atmospheric studies while others are very direct, focusing on the effects of full sunlight or moonlight on something as stark as an agave stalk. I am moved by the power of simple things in my observations of nature, be it a lone drifting cloud, birds soaring, a stand of trees in the distance, backlit and glowing, or the sublime blue of the sky. My paintings reflect my sense of things beautiful and profound, joyful and optimistic, quiet, still and timeless.”