Photography for me is self-expression and a way of story telling how I interpret and perceive my reality. My inspiration is curiosity, play and nature. My vision is always an intuitive response to my subject matter. My goal with my work is purely cause and effect – to create a moment of connection to spirit, thoughts or feelings in my viewer. To awaken or elicit any of these is what drives me as an artist.

Ghost Trees Series Statement

The Ghost Trees collection embodies my passion to embrace the unrivaled allure and tranquility of wintertime with a unique and fresh perspective. My interpretation of Yellowstone National Park is a juxtaposition of fairy tale intertwined with raw and unscathed natural beauty. This series depicts the magic and abundance of Mother Nature’s creative force while also evoking a sense of surrealism and fantasy through the natural elements at play. With this series it is my hope to re-connect my audience to experience wonderment with all that nature has to offer and teach us.


Wild Horse Series Statement

It has been a dream to photograph the wild horses. To me, they embrace purity, depth and grace in their wildness. They are stunning to observe and once I stood in their presence I was forever changed. I want to re-awaken in the viewer curiosity, inspiration, and energy that these amazing animals evoke. I want the viewer to feel their majestic qualities and rawness and to be moved by their deep emotions and spiritual nature. With this experience, it is my hope that seeing these pieces allow one to feel more grounded, inspired, moved, and spiritually connected and focused on what truly matters in life and not be distracted by false idols.