november, 2022

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Solo Exhibition featuring Stephanie Revennaugh

Opening Reception:
November 18th 5:30PM – 7:3oPM

*Fully vaccinated guests are welcome to visit mask free, for those who are unvaccinated or immunocompromised, please consider wearing a mask.

It began as a deep impulse to express what moved me.  I long had no answer to why I was moved.  Attraction, need, desire, urge, passion, expression…all sparked by the essence and form of the horse.  From childhood sketches to explorations in oil paint through clay cast in bronze and now glass, what motivated my hands to create was Equus Caballus, as if its energy overrode my conscious will.  Horse form has generously been my canvas who’s surface I’ve handled in clay with a raw and painterly style of impasto mark making.

The horse carried me into the juice of life as an artist and equestrian.  It supported and sustained me soulfully and materially.  Along the way, without my full comprehension, horse spirit taught me about being.  Being human, Being embodied, being tuned to subtle energies within and without.

In large part through connection with my stately grey Thoroughbred Mo, awareness of myself deepened. Answers to why the horse motivated and inspired me flooded in.  My artworks began reflected back to me my own subconscious narratives with increasing clarity.  New insights led to new questions, gradually yet steadily stepping into my shadows making the unconscious conscious. In an infinity loop of horse, heart, mind, art, mind, heart, horse… I know myself, and in this knowing I heal, and in healing I grow, expand, evolve.

This evolution in consciousness has brought me to more presence in why I’m creating and transitions in what I’m making.  As in riding and life, transitions in art are initially awkward.  With repetition comes refinement.  As I explore interior worlds and external connections, the nudge from the muse is to incorporate human forms and wildlife into my work. As my range of motif expands, so the pallet of textures and materials expands into cast glass. This show holds bronze works ranging from the very beginning of my sculpting career into the current exploration in glass casting.  While the horse is the central focus, whispers of what’s coming are making their way in.



November 1 (Tuesday) - December 31 (Saturday)


Old Main Gallery

129 East Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715


Old Main Gallery