november, 2021

01novAll Day30The Last Glaciers of Akshayuk PassOpening Reception November 5th 5:30PM - 8:00PM(All Day) Old Main Gallery

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Solo Exhibition
featuring Todd Anderson


OPENING RECEPTION: November 5th | 5:30PM – 8PM


*We are asking that those in attendance wear a mask. Wine and beer will be served.


“In the spring of 2000, I spent four days dog-mushing on the ice of Baffin Island. It was with an outfit that also sponsored trips to the North Pole. Several years later, the ice melt forced the outfit to restrict its trips to the North Pole. A few years after that the outfit went out of business. The emerald green of the frozen waterfalls, the footfalls of the Arctic huskies underlining the silence around us: was this not forever? Was it possible that it could be otherwise? How is one to think, in an expanse that cannot be comprehended, this will have been? What I am seeing now: all this will have been. What is it to take the measure of a time we have created, a time we have telescoped so that the passing of what is around us in condensed from eons into years? What is it to tell oneself, all this will have been, with the urgency it deserves? We stand before it now – the island, the beach, the reef, the glacier – and tell ourselves, it will not be long before this will have been. It will not be this, but instead something else. What it is now will have died. We look at the those we love and we know their mortality, and perhaps our own. We imagine a world where we must go on without them, or them without us. It is difficult, but it can be done. Some philosophies recommend that we imagine it as an exercise for our spirit, so that when death is upon us we’re not completely undone. But these – the island, the beach, the reef, the glacier – these are beyond us. They are not mortal, like us. We will come and go, but they will remain. And we take solace in that, that they will remain. That the surrounding world will not abandon us, even when we abandon it. It is not true, though. Of much that is around us, we must say: this will have been. This, too, will die. Not in eons, but in years. Because we will have killed it.”

~ Todd May – philosopher


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Old Main Gallery

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Old Main Gallery